Producer. Director. Writer. Photographer. Anonymous Content Creator. Silent Collaborator. Light Manipulator. Horse Trainer. Former Tiger Beat Teen Dream. Desert Dweller.

  • American, b. 1959

Victory Tischler-Blue is a motion picture director and fine art photographer whose dark, single-frame tableaux evokes a deep sense of melancholy, tension and cinematic drama.

"I'm always drawn to the outliers," Tischler-Blue says. "For me, photography is all about intimacy and the element of surprise. There's a magic that comes along with things not planned and staying open to that leaves a lot of space for the unscripted to manifest."

A former member of the iconic '70s all-girl rock band the Runaways, Tischler-Blue often casts outliers and those who through their innate sense of self or the judgments of others - find themselves straddling their own personal edge.

She is perhaps best known for her powerful and emotionally disturbing documentary feature film "EDGEPLAY: A film about the Runaways". The film was based on Tischler-Blue's tenure in the Runaways, which also launched the career of rock superstar Joan Jett. Picked up by the Showtime networks, the critically acclaimed documentary remains their highest rated rock documentary film to date.

"There's always a minor chord running through my productions - whether it's a motion picture project or a single frame image," she says. "Everyone has a story - some are just darker than others..."

Born and raised in Newport Beach, California, Victory Tischler-Blue currently divides her time between homes in Los Angeles, Laguna Beach and a Spanish hacienda in Palm Springs, California.

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